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Xavier's Dream: An X-Men RPG

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We read comics, do you? Xavier’s Dream is looking for players who follow and enjoy x-universe comics to roleplay the lives of our favorite outcast superheroes. This game focuses on the X-men (as opposed to academy students, the brotherhood, or any other teams), as they fight to protect the world from evil mutants, and fellow mutants from the world, run an academy for gifted youngsters, and find a sense of normalcy as they live out Xavier's Dream.

Okay you said X-men, but which ones? The universe we’re focusing on is comics, specifically 616 universe. The game began immediately following the events of Uncanny X-men 293, and is a strongly canon based AU from that point.
Who can apply? Players 18 and over who read comics, and are willing to read x-men comics for plot and characterization research.
What characters are you looking for? Beast, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Wolfsbane
What characters should I not apply for? OCs, Telepaths, Villains. Check here for full restricted characters list.
How can I contact the mods for an app or more questions? Check out Xavier’s Dream and/or email us at
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