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First post (so clean and crisp)

Ah, such a newbie..
Well, here I am posting late night again. Thought I would attempt to be the social butterfly and join a community. I mostly joined this because I am a chick and I also enjoy comics. It seemed to be a match made in heaven. It's like one of those late night infomercials where they go through a list of symptoms and you seem to match every one of them.

I never make any sense. Sorry. Well, anyone's cool to contact me if they feel the desire. I'm open to anyone.

I'm out,

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Heya and welcome :D

So what comics you into?

Sammi x
Well, growing up I was more of a classic Marvel girl..
I'm mostly into Jhonen Vasquez comics. I have all of JTHM, and Squee's big book of Unspeakable Horrors. When I get my debit card I plan on getting the entire I Feel Sick collection....
What are you into?

Same as you, Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge are my favourite artists. Lenore and JTHM being my favourites. And then comics like Dogwitch, got a lot of Witchblade and Darkness, and a lot of earlys 90's marvel.
Awesome! I always want to expand my comic experience though.. as soon probably next week I'm going to raid Hot Topic of their comic collection...
Good idea I wish I could get stuff from Hot Topic.

If you like the darker comics check out Jamie Smarts - "Bear" very good comic by a british artist on slave labour graphics.
I went to the Slave Labor website and checked out a sample of Bear. I have to have all the comics now... I'm a compulsive shopper. It's the chick in me.


not exactly my first choice for a comic hook-up! if you want to "expand your comic experiance" it's best to go to your local comic store. if they don't have what you want you just ask them to order it. it's not like they charge extra. and besides how are you supposed to expand your experiance if all you see is what hot topic thinks is cool. look into everything and make the decision for yourself! and plus you can meet some pretty cool people at the comic stores that can give you a low down on the cool comic related stuff going on in your area. there are these guys at my comic store that gave me free tickets to hellboy that paramount had given them and they were only giving out to an exclusive few. and i live in Oklahoma so there isn't alot going on for people with interests like mine, but ever since i've been hanging out with the comic people we've turned our little tiny comic/anime con into a huge event!
Eh.. sorry. I live in Chickasha.. I'm not sure they have comic book stores here. The do in OKC, but my car is so damn crappy I'm not sure it could make multiple trips... the internet is sadly, one of my only options... but if you have any suggestions to what's good, I'm willing to listen. I don't listen to what Hot Topic says is cool, I just really enjoy dark humor. I used to be into Marvel, maybe I could re-hash childhood memories....

Anime con? Interest!!!!!!


if you're ever in Norman, speeding bullet is a VERY good store they have everything! and they're the place to go for the anime event info!
I live in Warr Acres and the place closest to me is New World. i don't really go there i'm kind of attached to Dragonfyre on Macarthur. and there is Also Atomic Comics which is VERY awesome especially for the marvel stuff, i haven't been there since Tracey sold it and they relocated. There's atomic pop, they're a good anime/manga place. you can rent movies from them. They have really awesome sales too. There is also the Toy Base 10 it's mostly action figures and memorabilia but they have alot of movies, and if i'm not mistaken, a few books too! so whenever you can get the car down to the city you should check these places out, maybe i'll see you there.
Awesome. Actually, I do visit Norman from time to time. I have a friend that lives over there that is willing to come get me from time to time. I rarely go to OKC, but I got my car fixed the other day so I might be able to go. I just gotta get a map! I'm still new around here. I'm from a small town in between Stillwater and Tulsa, so I know those places pretty well, Just not OKC. Guess I need to get out and explore. Maybe I will see you there. That would be cool.